What it means to be a sustainable and socially responsible company

What it means to be a sustainable and socially responsible company

What does it mean to be a sustainable business in todays world?

With the ever-growing awareness surrounding sustainability, it’s more important now than ever before for companies to work together and behave in a way that has a positive impact on the environment and the world. Social responsibility in 2019 is much more than turning lights off and recycling, it’s about giving back to communities and causes that are in desperate need. 

If you look close enough most brands will have a charity element. As Voucher Shares’ fundamental company goal is to give 1% of our revenue to the World Land Trust, we wanted to share some other brands who are nailing it too! 



Mindful Chef – One feeds two. 

Mindful Chef logo

This brand is pioneering the way we grocery shop. Similarly, to Ocado and Hello Fresh, Mindful Chef provides a weekly delivery service full of healthy, organic produce for your weekly meals. But this brand is different in the most remarkable way - they are the first recipe box that’s giving back. Their ambition is to donate 1 million school meals to children living in poverty. Not only is this encouraging the children to stay in education, but this also means 5,266 children each academic year could have one guaranteed meal per day which can simple be life or death.

Being a B Corp, Mindful Chef has made a commitment to their goal and this year have hit their goal of 1 million, donating a total of 1,000,623+ meals donated.

Nordgreen - Water for Good and Cool Earth

Nordgreen logo

Nordgreen is a Danish watch maker which harnesses the Danish values of social responsibility and sustainability. They have made their focus the issues surrounding health, education and environment. Crucially, they are working with Water for Good in order to end water poverty in Central Africa. By focusing on one geographical area they have been able to drill more than 680 new wells and ensure that over half a million people are using these daily. 

If that wasn’t enough, Nordgreen also focuses on how to help solve global warming. They do this by partnering with Cool Earth. Cool Earth works the locals who are directly affected by deforestation across the world. Their idea is that the indigenous people in those areas suffering the most from deforestation should be the one to make decisions about it – after all they know it better than anyone. They hope to give control back to those people by providing them with funding and the opportunity to make a decision for themselves, and for their local environment, which is something that larger government and political bodies have failed to do.

Oddballs- partners with Jo’s Cervical Cancer trust

Oddballs logoOddballs is “the underwear every one is talking about”. This fashion retailer is all about raising awareness with the aim to get the conversation started surrounding testicular cancer, and just recently they have partnered with Jo’s Cervical Cancer trust. Incredibly in just 4 years, and with the support of their customers, they have been lucky enough to they have been able to go on and start up their own charity, The OddBalls Foundation. This amazing company offers a range of designs that are both fun and trendy and with every purchase, as their customer, you can become part of the movement too. 

Leesa Sleep - donate mattresses to a shelter

Leesa logo This luxury mattress company is using their platform to create a social impact a little closer to home. 

It is estimated that there is close to 5000 people in the UK (Crisis.org.uk) alone who sleep rough - some would say we are facing an epidemic. In many populated areas of the country homelessness is impossible to ignore with one person spotted on each street corner, if not more. So how does this luxury mattress help? At the core of their company is the idea that we ALL need a place to rest our head and our heart. With every 10 purchases made on Leesa Sleep they will donate one mattress to a shelter or charity that then finds someone in need. So far, they have donated more than 30,000 mattresses to over 1000 non-profits.


What it means to be a sustainable and socially responsible company in 2019

Considering the social impact these companies have it is clear that being a sustainable and socially responsible company in 2019 is not uncommon and it can really make a huge difference. Voucher Shares’ core belief is that we can all do something to make a positive change to other people’s lives and to the future of our planet. Together with these companies, and many others, we are making your choice as a customer to be socially responsible even easier too. With you support in our brand we truly believe, and we hope that we will make a difference to our planet and future generations. 

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