New student? Here’s 5 money saving survival tips

New student? Here’s 5 money saving survival tips


Exams results are out and... If you’re a new student, then you need these life hacks! It’ll save you some pennies, and trust me you’ll thank me for it later. Here are some tips on how to save money with your student discount and more. 


Tip 1. Uni work getting you down? Want to treat yourself but you’re on a budget? Well discount sites are your new best friend! From a new top for your night out, to a quick weekend break in Budapest, you’ll definitely be spoilt for (affordable) choice. There is a voucher for pretty much everything, and they’re readily available at your fingertips. Check out our student deals by searching ‘student’ in the VoucherShares search bar or go straight to the Student Discount category.

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Tip 2. Now, what student doesn’t enjoy a good bargain? If you’re a discount junky like me then listen up because this may be my most favourite discount discovery to date. Want two meals for the price of one for a whole year? Maybe you have a special someone you want to spoil, or perhaps you just have a good appetite (hey, no one’s judging)? Why not throw in a plus one completely free at your local cinema? How? Just purchase a day’s travel insurance in London (ONLY £1.01) through Compare the Market voucher codes page and claim your free cinema tickets and free meals via email.


Free meals for a year - Compare the Market insuarance £1.01



Tip 3. BUDGET. Even if you don’t stick to it, it’s so important to have a rough idea of what you should have in your bank so you can manage your costs long term. Most student loans will come in 3 instalments throughout the year and we have ALL been there at the end of those gruelling 3 months, questioning our most recent purchases, and how its possible for our bank account to look that sad. Having (or at least aiming to stick to) a budget is a great little way to keep track of your spending. 


Tip 4. Did someone say overdraft? If you’re thinking of setting up a student bank account, don’t be afraid to shop around! Almost all banks will offer students some incentive to join them. Don’t miss out!


Tip 5. The dreaded student card. Whilst your photo may be something you may not want to treasure, that little card is your key to some serious savings. As a fellow discount addict, being a student has been the best years of my life - discount here, discount there. So long as you remember to ask. 

With your student card you can get your Pizza for less with Papa Johns Student discount, shop for fashion with Boohoo Student discount  or even get a better deal for your Mobile phone!

So if you’re starting university this summer and need a couple of extra ££’s in your pocket, why not give these tips a try? 

Check out my previous blog for more money saving tips for students.


Happy Saving!


student blogger Anna

AT x, resident Student Blogger


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