Father's Day Deals and Father's Day Card Ideas For Father's Day 2019

Father's Day Deals and Father's Day Card Ideas For Father's Day 2019

If you’re still stuck and hunting around for ideas this Father's Day 2019, fear not – you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done the searching and compiled some great gift ideas to inspire you in your search. 

Dad's are tricky to buy for so we’ve rounded up of some of the most interesting gifts you could buy for him while providing some inspiration too. And we’ve skipped the predicable whiskey, socks and chocolate, didn’t he get these at Christmas anyway? If you’ve got you’ve got young kids who want to get crafty then  read on for Father's Day Craft ideas and Father’s Day Card Ideas! 

So with Sunday 16th June fast approaching let’s get started on finding you the best Father's Day gift while saving you money with our Father’s Day voucher codes and offers too. 

Handmade Father's Day Crafts & Handmade Father's Day Card Ideas

If you and the kids want to get crafty this Father's Day then VoucherShares say look no further than Baker Ross for some fab Father’s Day crafts and handmade Father’s Day card ideas.

Father's Day Card Ideas - Save Up to 25% On these Foam Stickers - DIY loving Dads will be wowed with your crafty handiwork! Make a lovely handmade Fathers card with a personal twist, using the fun-packed collection of stickers that’s bursting with DIY designs. Click here to buy from Baker Ross: Pack of 120 Was £3.95 Now £2.95

Father's Day Crafts - Save Up to 18% Off Father's Day Colour-in Car Cards - Crafty kids will enjoy creating Father's Day Crafts that Dad will truly appreciate, and these snazzy speeders are sure to tick all the right boxes if he loves being in the driver’s seat. Click here to buy from Baker Ross: Pack of 8 Was £2.99 Now £2.45

Father's Day Card Ideas - Save Up to 18% Off Super Dad Colour-in Cards - If Dad’s your number one hero, show him how super you think he is! Put your colouring skills to the test and let Dad know he’s truly the best with these cool cards. Click here to buy from Baker Ross: Pack of 8 Was £2.99 Now £2.45

Environmental Father's Day Gifts 

VoucherShares love to promote taking care of the environment just as much as spreading word of the latest voucher codes and offers so we couldn’t leave this one out! 

What about a beehive? If you have the room and the desire then a beehive in the garden is probably about as memorable as you can get when it comes to environmental Father’s Day Gifts! Not to mention it’s probably up there with one of best things you can do for the planet right now!

I had a recent experience with my neighbours bees who produced a new queen bee which forced the old queen along with her swarm of around 50,000 bees into our garden! Weirdly this happened the day after I posted my blog post  “What do Bees Eat and Why we all Need to be Talking about Honey Bees Favorite Flowers”.

I’m no bee expert and suggesting getting dad a beehive for Fathers Day won’t appeal to many but if you’re interested then I know that Omlet have a great beehive which looks cool too! They do chicken houses and runs too if that’s more his thing. And they will take back any old hives and chicken houses to recycle. 

Ok so what else? Well our garden is a haven for plants and trees so I’m always going to recommend these! Fruit trees like pear and apple trees and fig trees last a long time and come up year after year are a very good idea if you have the space. Very memorable too. And with fruit trees they keep on giving! 

If you prefer something a bit smaller then Thompson & Morgan have a wonderful range of wildflower plants (great for bees) clematis which are beautiful and whose lovely flowers keep giving up year after year. And don’t forget lavender, according to the laws of Feng Shui planting lavender near the entrance to your house brings wealth and fortune! Check Thompson and Morgan’s latest offers and voucher codes and discounts here.

Or if you would rather plump for something that doesn’t take up any space then how about a super worthwhile donation to Sir David Attenborough’s charity the Word Land Trust, according to Attenborough “The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.” 

Music or Game of Thrones Father's Day Gifts 

If Dad’s still banging on about how Game of Thrones ended then maybe a poster of an earlier episode from GB posters might temporarily distract him. GB Posters have some great Father's Day Deals and discounts here.

If you’re looking to spend a bit more then Pretty Green have some great stuff. I’m a big Oasis fan so me and the kids will be buying Daddy a present from Pretty Green, the clothing label set up by Liam Gallagher. Pretty Green is influenced by classic British street culture combined with a love of Music and fashion. For Father's Day Deals from Pretty Green then, at the time of writing this blog post if you spend over £40 you'll receive a free gift with your purchase from Pretty Green (check their website for details).

Hopefully this Father’s Day blog article gave you some useful ideas for Father's Day Deals! Please sign up for our newsletter and like this post to share in the VoucherShares sharing spirit. And, of cource, you are always welcome to check Fathers Day page for more ideas and gifts bargains on VouchersShares website. 


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