How to celebrate Valentine’s day with family

How to celebrate Valentine’s day with family

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner former loves birds who now have a family might question  how to celebrate valentine’s day with family? This can apply to your immediate family and of course your parents, siblings, grandparents etc.

Being a mother of two I am thinking about how I can use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to create a few arts and crafts activities, give them a little something and shower them with even more hugs and kisses while they will still (just about) let me!

Valentines’ day gift and activity ideas for kids

In my opinion kids don’t need much, love is the most important thing you can give a kid and with Christmas just out of the way my two certainly do not need any more presents!

I often buy my kids some chocolate for Valentine’s Day, this year I have my eye on some chocolate honeycomb hearts from Lilly O’Brien’s who are a great chocolate company and really ethical. They source raw materials from ethically traded ingredients and chocolates from sustainable sources.

Lilly O'Brian chocolate hearts with honey comb in the middle

I also, love these white chocolate hearts with strawberries in from Traidcraft, another really ethical brand.

Divine White Chocolate hearts with strawberry

Along with getting them a small little something I always get them baking. Last year we made vegan spelt and almond raspberry cakes and I think we will do the same this year, they went down a treat with their dad who doesn’t eat wheat or dairy!

I also, get their artistic juices flowing, it’s a great excuse to get the arts and crafts out and get them off their tech and into something much more wholesome and rewarding! Our arts and crafts cupboard is flowing thanks to the tempting delights on CraftStash. However, I am going to buy some canvases for the kids and encourage them to do a Valentines Day themed art to put on the wall for their dad!

There’s a 25% off CraftStash voucher code up for grabs too if you hurry!  

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for my parents

These days showing love to family is as important as ever, along with being kind! And what better way to show your parents how much you love them than to give them a Valentine’s Day gift. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it could be some homemade cakes for example. Or a homemade card.

If you wont be seeing your parents this Valentine’s Day then a bunch of flowers could be a lovely gesture, especially for mum if she doesn’t always get something from dad (like my mum!). I love Bloom and Wild for flowers especially this time of year when the some of the tulips and daffodils come with bulbs attached that can be planted in the garden after the flowers have died! This is really good value for money too, your parents can remember you every year when the bulbs come up!

English tuliip from bloom and wild in a vase

Be quick and you can take advantage of Bloom and Wilds voucher code offer of 10% off Valentine’s Day flowers.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for my boyfriend or husband

Isn’t it a cliché? We always say that love is about feelings not gifts and you cant buy love and then Valentine’s Day hits and we get sucked in. The pressure is well and truly on to find a gift and – depending on what stage of the relationship you are in – get an appropriate gift. Will it be too little? Too much? My advice is something thoughtful, unique and totally non-cheesy is a good option. Not to mention kind on the planet!

Maybe a gift experience that he will undoubtedly (you hope) want to share with yours truly! The opposite of taking one for the team whilst also, making sure you get in on the action in case he doesn’t get you anything!

What about a Valentines Day gift from Red Letter Days? If you want to save a bit then use the Red Letter Days discount code which gives 10% off first orders when you sign up to their email.

Or if you are after something that is more for just him then think about his hobbies and personal interests as a way to show your unconditional love. Try and think of something he actually needs to avoid over consumption and wasting your money.

And remember he’ll surely love whatever you give him, especially since he knows that it comes straight from your heart.

Valentines Day gifts for you

Being kind and loving yourself is so important so why not order yourself a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates this Valentines Day? Or a plant or something for the garden?

Here are my top 10 Valentines Day voucher codes that you could use to treat yourself this Valentines Day!

Top 10 Valentines Day voucher codes

  1. Bloom and Wild Voucher Code (10% off all orders, as mentioned above the tulips with the bulbs are great value!)
  2. SIMBA Valentines Day Voucher Code, up to 45% off SIMBA. If you need a new bed this is the perfect way to show yourself some love and kindness.
  3. Cambridge Satchel Company Valentines Day offer, free embossing on selected bags. These bags are made to last and make for the perfect gift to oneself!
  4. Save up to £20 with Blow Ltd Valentines Day offer, why not use it for a massage?
  5. Thorntons Valentines Day offer of free personalisation on chocolate hearts, yummy!! Why not treat yourself to two?
  6. Need some new loungewear? Threadbare voucher code offers you 5% off, shop now and keep snuggly and warm until Spring arrives!
  7. Neals Yard Valentine’s offer: Buy 1 gift and receive 1 FREE Deluxe Mini. Any excuse for a lovely relaxing bath right?
  8. Hearst Magazine Offer. Red Beauty Box. Get 20% off your beauty box today and pay just £48 (usual price is £60) +Free P&P (Worth £305 - you can save 80% on Red Beauty Box products). Amazing!
  9. Anthem publishing have some great offers on magazines. Check out this great Women’s Running Magazine offer giving you up to 27% off Womens Running Magazine! Or if Vegan food is more your thing, Vegan Food and Living offer up to 24% off when you subscribe!
  10. Mela Weighted Blankets. Get up to 20% off with this Mela Voucher Code, who doesn’t want to get cosy this Valentines day?

If these aren’t rocking your boat then what about selecting a few weekends away, stuff you really fancy doing in this coming year and suggest them to your partner, family members or friends. You could book them on Valentine’s Day to make the day extra special? With Staycations on the rise there’s never been a better excuse to keep it simple and stay in this country.

How about a glamping holiday? A weekend away in a treehouse could be fun! And you could save with our exclusive voucher code from Quality Unearthed!

However, you spend Valentine's Day this year, we hope you have a good one with loads of love!

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