Top 10 Tricks & Treats for a Scary Halloween

Top 10 Tricks & Treats for a Scary Halloween

13th October

Top 10 Tricks & Treats for a Scarry Halloween

Your Top 10 Tricks and Treats for Boo-tifully Scarry Halloween on a Budget

Decorate your house and provide treats for the trick or treaters for a boo-tifully scarry Halloween on a budget! There’s no reason to hold back with these Halloween voucher codes and discounts. You can still have a ball.

The nights are drawing in and the excitement is building for Halloween tricks, treats and dressing up! From kids to adults Halloween is getting bigger and better every year. You don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations either, these top 10 tricks and treats for celebrating Halloween is a great place to start.

It is always a great time to think about the environment. Who needs plastic decorations when you can have paper and best of all a pumpkin, surely the most sustainable Halloween decoration of all and the most boo-tiful! Not only does it grow on your doorstep it looks great with a candle in it popped on your windowsill. Then as soon as Halloween disappears into the night so does your pumpkin. Unless you have chickens in which case it makes for a tasty treat!

Halloween Decorations from £1

Pumpkins are a plenty this year, Aldi are selling them for £1! Your Halloween could be complete with a few of these and a few tea lights thrown in. Not to mention they are a great arts and crafts activity.

Ginger Ray have a stunning selection of Halloween decorations on a budget. Shop Ginger Ray voucher codes with the latest voucher code now and buy some decorations that will wow your trick or treaters and your family. And shop Party Packs voucher codes. They have an alluring array, scarry decorations that will be sure to get that blood pumping!

Party decorations can rack up. With balloons, lights, banners, table decorations, posters and more, it can be easy to blow the budget on this alone. Balloon arches can inflate to around £20 and custom banners can cost around £10. So how about a bit of DIY decor?

Check out these cute little Halloween paper lanterns at Party Packs and remember to use your Party Packs voucher code.

Sweet and Sour Halloween Sweets

For a plentiful supply of sweets to keep the tricks at bay this Halloween try One Pound Sweets. They have every sweet imaginable from the traditional bon bons and sherbet lemons to Haribo milk bottles plus hundreds of different chocolates!

But more exciting is their range of Halloween sweets! From Simply wash out a litre milk bottle and paint it a spooky colour. We recommend the green cola bottles and orange pain balls. Or for real value for money opt for the Halloween Trick or Treat Gift Box which has a 30% off! Pictured below …

You can get a 10% off voucher code at One Pound Sweets so don’t forget to add it at basket to save money on your Halloween stash! Shop One Pound Sweets voucher codes today.

Sustainable Halloween Supplies

Let the food and drinks be the décor and save on the Halloween decorations which is much better for the environment! From turning your pumpkin pulp into pumpkin soup and making pumpkin pie to using the seeds as nibbles.

Grim but deliciously gruesome a great idea for using hot dog sausages which can be vegetarian or meat is turning them into fingernails whereby you take off the tip with a knife so that it resembles a finger and squirt it with tomato ketchup, Sainsburys have a great range of food that is perfect for a Halloween buffet.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Accessorise you everyday clothes with a hat or a mask to create a DIY Halloween costume which can be used time and time again. I have loads of black clothes which may seem boring but are timeless, I wear them time and time and time again because they are so neutral and generic I don’t feel like everyone has seen it before. For example a black dress, black leggings, black boots with a werewolf mask from Party Packs makes for a perfect Halloween outfit on a budget.

Halloween Treats for Adults

Wine of course! Make it Halloween themed with red wine, theme being blood of course! Any excuse for a tipple right? I love Majestic Wines Bread and Butter on offer at the moment with 13% off. I went off red wine after having kids but it doesn’t give me a hangover as much as white so I eventually found one I like. It is smooth, creamy, velvety and delicious with cheese!

In fact, I might head over and get some Bread and Butter wine on offer with a Halloweeny 13% off it must be a sign!

Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends or kids this year make it a happy one with plenty of supplies to keep the trick or treaters at bay!

You can check out all Halloween voucher codes here on Voucher Shares The UKs first Green Voucher Code website.

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