Last Minute Fathers Day offers from Voucher Shares

Last Minute Fathers Day offers from Voucher Shares

You may have noticed that I did not put many blogs out lately, but there was a reason for it. I was a little busy helping Ukrainian people in need. I was born in Ukraine and of course, I could not stay aside.

But  here I am, wishing Happy Father’s Day to everyone here in the UK and to all those fathers who stayed back in Ukraine protecting their children and their country. Don't forget to check our last minute Father’s Day offers and also remember all those in need.

Value for money Father's Day Gifts 

Last four months were a rollercoaster for everyone. Cost of living crysis amplified by the Ukrainian war hit our pockets hard. Let's be honest - reading the news somehow closely resembles a bad dream and it's no wonder that we see money saving advice on every corner at the moment.

But life must go on, and we need to remember how lucky we are to still be able to enjoy our time together with our families and a peaceful sky above our heads. So let's see how we can enjoy Fathers Day this year without stressing out about our wallet too much.

Father's Day Family meal on a budget.

If you are the one who is cooking today, you probably already planned all your supplies in advance, but there is always room for a few more drinks and snacks to top up a family dinner or to enjoy a relaxing evening after having a Sunday roast at the local pub. My top choices are:

33% OFF Majestic Wine Discount

Majestic wine Voucher Codes

5% OFF all beer with Beerhunter discount

Beerhunter voucher codes

Topped up with Kettle Chips delivered straight to your door with our Kettle chips voucher code, as well as your favorite nibbles from Iceland. Here it is - sorted!

Kettle Chips voucher code


Father’s Day presents from kids

Baker Ross is great for all sorts of Father’s Day making, topped up with the Ellie Poo handmade Father’s Day card made the day at our household. Yes, you can get a card paper made with 100% genuine elephant poo - good for the environment…

Baker Ross voucher code


Fathers Day gifts with a special twist.

Let's talk about the gift experiences here. Yes we can keep filling the sheds for our loved ones with all very much needed things, but what about forcing our men to actually get out of the shed and do something that they would always want to do but never can find time for? Gift Experiences is just the thing - you can choose 1000’s of activities from our very best Gift Experiences providers, but my choice this year was Red Letter Days Gift Voucher.

It's easy to order online as a last minute Father’s Day gift, and today’s 20% OFF Red Letter Day voucher code came handy.

Red Letter Day voucher

Father’s Day gifts for our grandfathers.

This one can be a little trickier, but a good book or magazine subscription is always a good present. You can save up to 53% on BBC & Immediate Media magazine subscriptions with discount codes and this is the gift that keeps giving for the whole year! Voucher Codes

Another good present that lasts in an English Heritage membership. English Heritage Father’s Day offers are available. Let's get out there and enjoy our life while remembering those who are fighting for democracy on the front line.

English Heritage Discount

Happy Father’s Day!

Tanya Larsen

Tanya Larsen, mother of 3, keen gardener, world traveller and a business owner

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