Bamboo Clothing Voucher Code and Review

Bamboo Clothing Voucher Code and Review

11th April, 2022

I am all about sustainable clothing these days, way more than ever before. Although my priority is to reuse and not buy if I am given the choice. However, I am a fitness fanatic and I have struggled to find sustainable sportswear that is practical, looks good and stands the test of time.

I recently reviewed Bamboo Clothing’s running leggings, running jacket, yoga pants and yoga top and I am pleased to say I have found my new, favourite sportswear brand.

Bamboo Clothing are a Sustainable Sports Wear Brand

Bamboo Clothing are a sustainable ethical brand and one we absolutely love working with at VoucherShares.

Bamboo Clothing were founded in 2006 with sustainability at its core. They are making a difference to the planet by producing sustainable clothing made out of Bamboo which absorbs 5 times more carbon than hardwood trees. Not only that but it needs half the land cotton needs to produce the same amount! Plus, it doesn’t need irrigation or pesticides!

If everyone wore clothing made out of bamboo I wonder whether the fashion industry would receive such criticism for being one of the biggest polluters?

Bamboo Running Leggings and Lightweight Running Jacket

The running leggings are flattering and great for wearing on the running track or dropping the kids off at school because they are well designed and double up as comfy leggings. They have a lightweight windproof jacket that matches which reminds me of a jacket I had in the 90s (so an instant hit with me obviously). It is great if it’s a bit chilly out or there’s a light shower and if you want protection from the sun.

Bamboo running jacket and leggings worn by a woman on a country road

Bamboo Clothing Yoga Pants and Yoga Top

I ditched my tight jeans for yoga pants / leggings during lockdown and haven’t looked back! They feel so much comfier and mean I can go straight from kids to exercise in an instant. We are really lucky because we invested in a Peloton and all of the monthly classes before lockdown, so I have spin and yoga on tap (not to mention some amazing running routes on my doorstep).

woman wearing Bamboo yoga top and trousers during pelton yoga session

The black yoga pants and top make yoga a breeze and are lightweight so if you break a sweat, they don’t feel hot. They are perfect for everything from downward dog to cat pose. I am not the most flexible (I blame all the running

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