When is Earth Day and What Brands are Celebrating?

When is Earth Day and What Brands are Celebrating?

When is Earth Day and What Brands are Celebrating?

Earth Day is celebrated annually around the globe on 22nd April. It is a worldwide event to support and raise awareness about environmental issues. Earth Day was first held on April 22nd, 1970.

As Earth Day approaches, we look at some of the more sustainable brands on our website and the best voucher codes and deals. If you are going to shop over Earth Day, then why not shop with a brand that gives back and doesn’t cost the earth?

By using this website, you are already taking a step towards helping the planet, shop with us and 5% of all our revenue goes towards World Land Trust who we have been supporting since 2019. You can read more about them on our ‘Sustainability’ page. So why shop with any other voucher code website?

What are the best sustainable brands on Voucher Shares (as voted for by us)?

Kind Clothing

Fast fashion is one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. Kind Clothing sells ethically made sweatshirts and t-shirts which they claim are made with ‘exceptional quality’ so that they last for years to come.

Kind Clothing is a vegan brand and some of their profits go towards saving animals from being slaughtered so if you love the environment and animals this brand is a no brainer for you right?

Plus, they have given us an exclusive Kind Clothing Voucher code, simply spend £50 or more and get 5% off!

Kind Clothing blue Save the Rhino T-Shirt


Shopping around in charity shops like Oxfam and Cancer Research for second hand clothes not only saves you a money, it is good for the environment and you get to give your money to a charity!

Plus, you can use the new customer Oxfam voucher code to get 10% off your first order saving you even more money on shopping sustainably!

The Sports Edit

The Sports Edit are my go-to sportswear brand (alongside BAM Clothing but more about them below). Their range is perfect for eco-conscious sports enthusiasts everywhere, they are committed to sourcing sustainable sportswear and driving ethical practices in the brands they stock.

Their packaging is entirely sustainable too and they offset 100% of the climate impact of our shipping, and use 100% renewable energy to run their office, data storage and ecommerce platform.

They have recently started selling, HOFF trainers. Hoff trainers are another great sustainable trainer brand who have colourful patters and are blurring the lines between quality, fashion-forward designs, and fair prices. Their beautifully made trainers feature carefully crafted, unique designs and details, with leather, suede and textile panels, vibrant colour patches, and striking prints on the soles.

Hoff Womens Trainers

Plus, you can use the new customer Sports Edit voucher code to get 10% off your first order saving you even more money on shopping sustainably!

BAM Clothing

Bamboo Clothing are a sustainable sportswear brand, founded in 2006 with sustainability at its core. They are making a difference to the planet by producing sustainable clothing made from Bamboo which absorbs 5 times more carbon than hardwood trees! Plus it requires only half the land that cotton needs to grow the same volumes. My favourite part is that bamboo doesn’t need irrigation or pesticides so there is no harm to insects, animals or humans living nearby!

It is no wonder that bamboo is fast becoming such a popular clothing material.

I recently reviewed Bamboo Clothing. They kindly sent me some running leggings, running jacket, yoga pants (pictured) and yoga top (pictured) was very impressed with all items, I literally live in the yoga pants which double up as yoga pants and loungewear.

Woman doing yoga in Bam Clothing yoga wear in front of TV

Bamboo Clothing Voucher Codes and Offers

Now is a particularly great time to buy Bamboo Clothing because they have heaps of voucher codes and offers to choose one, including an Exclusive 10% off Bamboo Clothing voucher code.

  • 10% off Bamboo Clothing voucher code exclusive to us
  • Up to 50% off sale at Bamboo Clothing
  • 15% off Bamboo Clothing when you refer your friends to Bamboo Clothing

For Bamboo Clothing’s latest offers and all other sustainable voucher codes keep an eye on our website.

Panda London

Big shout out to Panda Homewares this Earth Day. Panda also, use bamboo. Panda’s bedding which is made from bamboo feels a bit like skin against the skin! It has a nice cool feel in the Summer too!

Firstly, did you know that 14 million duvets and pillows and mattress toppers end up in landfill every year? Last Earth Day launched their Panda Circle of Life Initiative whereby customers who no longer want their Panda products will be collected by Panda for free! Panda will make these unwanted products into dog beds, sofas, bus chair or, donate used bedding to charities such as Crisis or at the very least recycle!

Panda London pillows

Recycle and Offset

Although it helps, you always don’t have to shop at 100% ethical and sustainable companies if you want to save the planet, you can make the right choices with the big everyday brands by putting your money where your mouth is. And remember when you shop with Voucher Shares it’s one for you, one for the planet!

Feeling compelled to do something for the environment this Earth Day? You can donate to the World Land Trust on our website and bookmark our brands page so you remember to shop via Voucher Shares the next time you shop.

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