How to Groom Your Dog During Lockdown

How to Groom Your Dog During Lockdown

Published February 17, 2021

Top 10 Tips for Grooming your Dog at Home

During the first lockdown dog groomers were forced to shut which meant a lot of dogs had issues with matting and overgrown coats. Thankfully, dog groomers can open this time but only for potential welfare issues, not for aesthetics.

Why is it important to Groom your Dog?

Grooming your dog regularly is important for health and vitality, they will love the attention too and it is really good for their coat and circulation, it makes it nice and shiny and a groomed coat is a happy healthy coat.

We used to have a Labrador who was high maintenance from a shedding point of view but low maintenance from a grooming point of view. Simple, just give her the occasional shower, regular brush over to keep her coat nice and shiny and trim her nails regularly. Easy!

Dog grooming

Then we got a Lagotto Romagnolo, the same from a temperament point of view but opposites from a grooming point of view. He never malts, it is amazing. But he needs trimming every 4-8 weeks because his coat does not stop growing. Plus, he has curly hair so needs to be looked after extremely carefully to prevent matting. This includes a thorough shower after every muddy walk.

So, I speak with a bit of experience when it comes to writing 10 tops tips on how to groom your dog in lockdown.

  1. Get the correct kit for your dog before you start. Do you research and speak to your dog groomer.
  2. Regularly brush your dog's coat to prevent matting and keep it in good condition.
  3. Trim your dog's hair IF necessary but always use caution. Matted hair should be trimmed but be extremely careful and never cut near the skin, if in doubt seek expert help.
  4. Safely trim your dog's nails. Ideally using safety clippers which allow room between the nail and the wick, you do not want to cut through the wick it is very painful for the dog and will bleed.
  5. Check your dog's skin as you groom.
  6. Take a fun and loving approach to grooming so that your dog enjoys it. Some dogs may be wary at first so reward them and build it up slowly.
  7. Check your dogs ears and use dog ear wipes to clear our any gunk but never put anything in the ear, just clean the outside.
  8. Do not wash your dog too often, their coats are good at looking after themselves and too many baths can result in stripping away their natural oils.
  9. For any long haired, unusual breed of dogs you may have a specialist comb or brush, always do your research and use the recommended brush for your breed. For example, if you are asking How to groom a Lagotto Romagnolo then make sure you seek expert help online.
  10. Use your hands to smooth over your dogs’ coat, you and your dog will love this plus it’s a great, natural way to find any imperfections, lumps, bumps or debris.

Where Can I buy Dog Grooming Kits Online?

Every dog breed is different so it's important to do your research on your dog first. However, I have found Christies Direct offers everything when it comes to dog grooming and dog accessories! I found them about two years ago when I bought my dogs new beds and Voucher Shares later partnered with them.

dog grooming brush

Christies Direct Pet Packs offers everything you need to keep your dog's coat maintained between grooms with a Pet Pack customised for your dog. Simply use their nifty search tool to add in your pets’ breed, hit go and voila! Up pops the recommended pet pack for your dog! Christies even have a puppy grooming pack! Christies Direct sell to trade and their prices are competitive too. They offer points and rewards which incentivise customers to shop regularly with them in exchange for points which are automatically earned, you just need an account. Points can be redeemed against future purchases. They also, have a Pawsh Perks loyalty program and members can receive a Free Gift every month. There’s a tier system so the more points you earn the higher you go up in the loyalty program. You can find out more about it on their website.

dog grooming clippers

You do not need a Christies Direct discount code to get a discount on your Christies Direct Pet Pat because Christies Direct offers 15% off all Pet Packs. The Christies Direct discount code is automatically applied so you don’t need to do anything.

dog grooming towel

The Christies Direct Pet Packs typically offer dog shampoo, dog brushes, water magnet dog towel, ear wipes and nail clippers. So for all of your dog grooming needs make sure you check out Christies Direct voucher codes and discounts on their Pet Packs. And share Christies Direct voucher codes with your friends and family too.

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