Halloween from Home!

Halloween from Home!

Halloween 2020 ideas and COVID-19 - Have Fun While Staying Safe

Like everything this year, Halloween will be a little different than normal. Current times may seem scary enough, but perhaps now more than ever, we need some good fun and escapism!

Here at Voucher Shares we’ve got a terrifyingly huge amount of offers to help you both save money and stay safe this Halloween.

Scary Halloween costumes that are not scary for the planet!

Halloween has always been the best time to dress up, and this year is no different. Stock up on spooky Halloween costumes and accessories from as little as £1.99, with our offers from Fancydress.com.

Ethical and organic childrenswear retailers Toby Tiger and PatPat are also offering a fab deal on Voucher Shares for Halloween themed clothes and pyjamas for your little nippers, with up to 70% off some garments.

Trick or Treat (at a distance!)

No Halloween would be the same without it. And this year, it is still possible, according to this BBC article, but things will demand a bit more precaution.

This year it is recommended to only hand out pre-wrapped sweets to any door-knockers, so luckily we’ve got you covered for that, with a handful of sweet offers, including vegan options, from our friends at online sweet shop A Quarter Of.

Make sure you have plenty of hand sanitiser at the ready of your door if you are handing out sweets and ensure that your trick-or-treating visitors are keeping their distance before you open the door!

Days out on a budget

Maybe this Halloween could be a perfect time for a big family day out? This year we’ve got some exiting deals at LegoLand and Thorpe Breaks that will promise a thrilling day at for everyone!

You’d be surprised how many adults secretly have a great time at Legoland, but you can’t deny Lego has always had a certain goofy charm that appeals across all generations.

Who said you need to leave the house?

Understandably, many families will choose to stay in for Halloween. This means that spreading the spooky pumpkin energy at home is more important than ever. Make sure you stock up on fresh pumpkins, as having a carving contest at home is always a fab way to bring out some creativity from everyone in the family, and maybe unleash your more competitive side!

Also have a peek at our deals from Ginger Ray, where you can get up to 20% off Halloween decorations, and TomTop, who are offering over 50% off their spooky lantern decor.

Combining these discounted decorations with a windowsill stuffed with DIY pumpkin artwork will undoubtably enchant your living room with supernatural energy.

Now you’re all set, all that’s left to say is have a thrilling Halloween and stay safe!

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Alasdair Hall - VoucherShares.co.uk


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