The Somerset Toiletry Company Discount Code Exclusive to Voucher Shares.

The Somerset Toiletry Company Discount Code Exclusive to Voucher Shares.

Take advantage of a Sustainable British Brand.

The Somerset Toiletry Company sent us some beautiful products to test drive, little did they know we were already sold on them. However, receiving a selection from the Plum Violet range was a real treat! Plus we got something for our users too, an exclusive Somerset Toiletry Company Discount Code 

This awesome little luxury body care brand is based in the heart of Somerset.

The Somerset Toiletry Company offers products inspired by and with natural scents. From luxurious soaps, beautifully fragranced candles, cleansing bath & shower gels, nourishing body lotions, relaxing bath salts, body scrubs and hand soaps, each product cleanses and nourishes from top to toe.

Somerset Toiletries sent us the Plum Violet soap, Plum Violet Hand Cream, Plum Violet Luxury Hand Wash, Plum Violet Luxury Body Lotion, Plum Violet Candle and Plum Violet Shower Gel. All absolutely gorgeous!

I managed to take time out of my busy schedule to unwind with these products and am thoroughly enjoying the scent the candle gives off in my office before it has even been lit! The Plum Violet Hand Cream is beautifully nourishing with Shea Butter and the body lotion is divine. We are all enjoying using the Hand Wash in our bathroom too and the kids are fighting over the shower gel because it smells of sweets apparently!

I am a long-standing fan of their products, in fact I have never been disappointed only delighted with their range which I have used for myself and gifted to family members. The products offer the ultimate body care ritual. All are delicately blended to restore mind, body and soul.

5 Reasons Why Voucher Shares Loves all that The Somerset Toiletry Company Offers

1. British brand

Based in the heart of Somerset and with all products Made in England The Somerset Toiletry Company offers luxurious products that don’t cost the earth with unnecessary air freight. Plus they have a brilliant customer service team based in the UK.

2. Plastic Free

We love their focus on plastic free, they clearly agree with us that now is the point in time to take the most important journey to sustainability due to the increasingly devastating affect we are having on our planet. The Somerset Toiletry Company range of plastic-free gifts is perfect if you want to reduce your plastic consumption. The range includes beautifully wrapped soap bars, natural candles, and scented bath salts. In addition, all orders are shipped using biodegradable packaging. And that’s not all. They use Biofil Packaging in all packaging which is compostable (it’s the white foam based equivalent that you often get in packaging which is completely un-recyclable), so we love this! It’s made using corn starch it’s non-toxic and dissolves in water or can be composted. They also, use breakdown plastic Breakdown Plastic Inc. ™ which is revolutionising plastic. Added during manufacturing it enhances biodegradation of the product after use and breaks down in a matter of years not centuries like other plastics! Here’s what their Chairman Sakina Buoy is saying about their mission towards sustainability: “We are on a path to ensure we become as environmentally sustainable as quickly as we can, as innovative new materials emerge.”

3. Focused on Recycling

The majority of Somerset Toiletry Company products can be recycled and for those that are not they promote using TerraCycle. TerraCycle can collect and recycle almost any form of waste. They partner with individuals, as well as major companies, retailers, manufacturers, municipalities, and small businesses all over the world. Please spread the word guys! If all retailers and individuals stood up and recycled everything they could we would all be in a much better place.

4. Cruelty Free

The Somerset Toiletry products are tested in-house therefore they never ever test on animals.

5. Beautiful Gift Ideas

The Somerset Toiletry Company offers loads of gift options to choose from. Choose from gift sets, gifts for him, gifts for kids and gifts under £5. Or combine a range of luxury product combinations to make up a unique gift set. Whoever you’re shopping for you’ll be sure to find the perfect present for any occasion, with their fragrant hand, bath and body care sets and animal shaped soaps for kids. Beautiful, gorgeous smelling products that don’t cost the earth The Somerset Toiletry Company offers the ultimate experience in premium, sustainable body care products, add them to your daily routine today and don’t forget to use The Somerset Toiletry Discount Code at checkout.

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