Merry Christmas from the Voucher Shares Team!

Merry Christmas from the Voucher Shares Team!
Christmas is about having fun and sharing with your friends, family or someone who may be in need right now. 

Voucher Shares is about sharing too!
Have you unwrapped your amazing Voucher Shares membership
benefits package yet?

Did you know, Voucher Shares is not only about saving you money from 1000’s of great deals?
You can share every Voucher Shares code or deal with your friends and earn money every time they buy something from our website! Yes, exactly, every time they buy ANYTHING from our website, as long as they came to us by your invite through your referral link.

Sharing codes is easy:
1.     Login to your Voucher Shares account and find the voucher code or deal that you think your friends may like
2.     Click Share & Earn button on it and choose how you want to share the code – via Facebook, Twitter or email
3.     Share the code with your friends
4.     Check you Account Earnings regularly and watch your earning balance growing every time your friends buy through Voucher Shares
We hope that our very special gift of sharing will come in handy at your Christmas dinner table, and remember, every time you share our codes, you help our amazing planet too buy supporting World Land Trust.
You Shop & Share – we Donate!

Happy Christmas! 
Tanya LarsenMiranda Coombes
Tanya Larsen, CEO, and Miranda Coombes, COO, Voucher Shares

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How can we have a sustainable Christmas?

How can we have a sustainable Christmas?

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