Are we Being Led Onto A Vegan Diet?

Are we Being Led Onto A Vegan Diet?

How easy it is to try the Vegan Diet

There are many reasons as to why the vegan diet is being increasingly popular with today's society. Weather its for your health, to benefit the environment or for the moral side of things. How we change our food habits and go for something diffrent...


The Vegan Diet - Our Favourite Vegan Recipes: Vegan Banana Bread and Vegan Curry 

You only have to walk into a restaurant these days and 9 times out of 10 they have at least one vegan option on the menu, if not a whole separate menu. Or walk down the streets of a town and see cafes galore with vegan options, and supermarkets with a whole section just for vegan products. Waitrose especially has a fantastic range, as can be found on VoucherShares.

Vegan Diet Vouchers and Food Offers - Waitrose vegan products

But is this beginning to sway people into buying these products, just because they are everywhere that we go? I have to hold my hands up and admit that I quite often go for the vegan option, not because I’m vegan but because I simply just can’t resist the look of it. The smell, freshness and pure beauty of the food. Is putting it right underneath consumer’s noses making us change our habits and go for something different to what we would usually go for?

The pure beauty of this diet is that you can still enjoy all of the wonderful tastes and textures of an ordinary diet, just without actually consuming any animal-based produce. Due to the trend becoming such a huge thing, the alternative options are just endless. Think of anything and I can guarantee you there is a vegan option of it. Mince, Ice-cream, even eggs!

Shop these amazing ice cream offers now with our voucher for Waitrose:

Waitrose vegan ice cream

I have carefully selected one of my favourite mains and one of my all-time favourite puddings and put them to the vegan test. Swapping out all of the ingredients for vegan friendly alternatives to really see if there is a difference, and this is how I got on.

Vegan banana bread

For this recipe, I followed a vegan banana bread one that I found on Waitrose website. Buying all of the ingredients from Waitrose and following it step by step, to produce the most incredible banana bread ever! You wouldn’t even be able to tell that it was vegan! With the cacao nibs adding a beautiful crunch and just the perfect amount of banana, this vegan banana bread really is to die for!

vegan banana bread

You can use our vouchers for Waitrose from VoucherShares to purchase the ingredients for this divine recipe.

Vegan curry

The main meal that I put to the test was a vegan curry, which was also one of Waitrose’s recipes. Everybody loves a good curry, so I thought this would be an interesting one to try. So, I made a Thai curry with tofu and noodles, and I must say that it was absolutely delicious! Tofu is a bit of a funny one, as you either like it or don’t, but this recipe is definitely one to try! There’s just the right amount of spice without it being too over powering, and a perfect texture with the peanuts added on top.

Whether you want to make your own vegan curry from scratch, or just want a quick and easy ready meal to pop in the oven, Waitrose has it covered. Shop there now with our voucher from VoucherShares.

vegan curry

Here on VoucherShares, we have loads of brands to choose from to satisfy your vegan diets, here are my top 5 that I recommend checking out:

Exante – Has an excellent range of vegan replacement meal shakes and some great offers to boot, check out our Exante discount codes​.

Higher Natures – To shop all vital vitamins, minerals and supplements. Plus check out Higher Natures voucher codes and offers.

Waitrose – For a huge variety of vegan products dont forget to check out our Waitrose voucher codes.

REN Skincare– For some vegan skincare, because why stop at just the diet? Check out our REN Skincare voucher codes, and offers on their offers page

KOI Footwear - If you want to go one step further and try vegan fashion - KOI Footwear is the one for you.  Seve money when buying vegan shoes with KOI Footwear voucher codes

Dont forget to check out our Vegan category for more products and voucher codes. 


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