What are the Best Vegan Shoe Brands?

What are the Best Vegan Shoe Brands?

Even though I am not a vegan I recently turned pescatarian after years of going back and forth from vegetarian to eating meat. I have no problem cooking meat for my family but I do actively encourage a mainly fish and plant based diet.

I have always been very interested in cruelty free, veganism and have bought 2 pairs of vegan shoes this year already, one pair of Doc Martin Sandals and a pair of Vega trainer boots from Office which I am really pleased with. This got me thinking ‘what are the best vegan shoe brands’ so I thought what better way to find out than write a blog about our retailers who do!  

How do you make vegan shoes?

Finding synthetic alternatives to leather shoes is easier than you might think considering most people only heard of the concept a year or two ago. I remember saying “what is vegan leather?” to my vegan mate about 2 years ago, it was news to me that there was a vegan shoe let alone a vegan leather!

A lot of the big shoe brands have now developed multiple vegan styles especially for vegans and those who want to use less animal based products like me. I found that finding a vegan shoe alternative isn’t hard after all! In fact there are even vegan only shoe brands like Koi.

However, it’s not only the leather symbol you have to look out for when buying shoes, as some large retailers still use animal-derived glue in their products. Animal-derived glue is often made from animals so even if you purchase leather free shoes they still may not be vegan-friendly. 

What Shoe Brands Sell Vegan Shoes?

Are Clarks Shoes Vegan?

I don’t think Clarks offers vegan shoes yet but they do have a lot of synthetic rangers especially for kids and they are apparently introducing animal friendly shoes in the near future according to an article by Plantshift.

Clarks are still delivering at the moment and you can find all the latest Clarks offers, Clarks Shoes discount codes and ways to save money at Clarks including Clarks Sale and Clarks Outlet prices and decide for yourself if the non leather shoes hit the spot!

Are Dc Martens Vegan?

Dc Marten offers a great selection of vegan shoes which is great considering their stable brand is very much leather based! Most are available with the latest Dc Martens discounts, Dc Martens voucher codes and if you’re lucky you might even find a pair in the Dc Martens sale.

I found 25 vegan shoes when I checked, including vegan sandals, vegan Chelsea boots, vegan brogues and even a vegan satchel.

Get 10% off at Dc Martens when you sign up for the email too!

Do Schuh Sell Vegan Shoes

Now is a great time to check out Schuh vegan shoes range as the Schuh sale is now on! Their vegan range is rammed with wardrobe staples including Dr. Martens, the Converse Hello Kitty collection and their very own vegan Schuh range.

Schuh are currently offering 20% off full priced shoes.

Do Office Sell Vegan Shoes?

Similarly to Schuh, Office’s vegan shoe range is extensive. One of my favourites from Office are the Veja vegan range (pictured). They even stock a Tom’s Vegan slipper which I was very tempted with until I caught the discounted leopard print Uggs reduced from £110 to £75!! Oops - not at all vegan!!

Take advantage of the Office 20% off voucher code or the office 30% off flash sale – be quick!

Vegan Only Shoe Brands

Koi footwear offers 100% vegan shoes! They are very strict too, they know all about the materials that go into every single shoe to ensure all shoes are made from cruelty free and animal free products.

If vegan rocks your step then check out the latest Koi voucher codes and discount codes now. Koi 15% off boots and trainers is not to be missed!

Vegan Shoes Vs Leather Shoes?

So the choice is yours, leather shoes vs vegan shoes? Whatever you decide bare in mind that quality and durability are also important things to consider when comparing vegan and real leather. Vegan leather is often a lot thinner than real leather and much more light weight which is great for fashion as it makes it potentially easier to work with, however it also makes it less durable than real leather. That said it depends on the brands standards and where they get their leather from and how they manufacture it which could result in some vegan leather being more durable than actual leather! Sounds like we are all spoilt for choice! Click here to discover what all VoucherShares shoe brands have to offer

Miranda Coombes

Miranda Coombes, mother of 2, passionate about the environment,

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