Spring Cleaning Hacks to Get Your Home Sparkling

Spring Cleaning Hacks to Get Your Home Sparkling

Most of us are even more obsessed with keeping our homes clean and tidy and at the moment and ‘spring cleaning’ has come early with the new wave of illness that is spreading globally. Everyone seems to be looking for vouchers and bulk buy discounts on hand sanitiser, bleach and toilet roll!

Read on to glean some cleaning offers, tips and cleaning hacks for your homes! And remember that keeping your home clean can add to overall wellbeing and create a sense of calm too.

Cleaning Hacks

Cost saving cleaning hack!! Buying cleaning products in bulk is a brilliant way to save money on cleaning supplies for your home! There are always loads of 3 for 1 offers on cleaning products or buy one get one free on cleaning products.

Being organised can help save time and money on cleaning your home especially if you are drawing up a rota (there’s no point in going over the same areas twice when some areas haven’t been cleaned for weeks!). Draw up a home cleaning checklist and get everyone to muck it! A great cleaning hack if you have kids is to get them involved so they can earn rewards for cleaning to ensure nothing is missed, this is particularly important given households are busy places and kids will ultimately get bored if you clean while they are there. Plus it teaches them some great cleaning tips for when they leave home!

What are the best products to Spring Clean your home with?

We love our eco cleaning products and here are some of our favourite brands and stockists:

Abel and Cole Offers a great range of eco cleaning products at great prices.  Choose from Bio D, Ecover, Method, Dr Bronner and many more. They also offer some fabulous Ecover deals, try the Ecover Bundle Deals.

Waitrose has an extensive and growing range of environmentally friendly cleaning products, choose from Method, Ecover. Waitrose have a 3 for £6 offer on Mehod at the moment which is a steal! Plus you can take advantage of £10 off Waitrose home delivery offer for new customers.

Big Green Smile offers environmentally cleaning supplies a-plenty and they have a Spring Cleaning Event on at the moment (10.03.20). Check out some of their great discounts:

Green People offer a wonderful eco hand sanitiser for kids which is on offer at the moment and is great for keeping little hands germ free.  

If you prefer to go hard on those germs and aren’t convinced eco products will cut it then Iceland offers cleaning products at bulk buy prices.

Great deals on cleaning appliances

Shark Clean offers great deals on vacuum cleaners, steam mops & cordless sweepers. Shark have great reviews, check out their 5 star customer rated products that will make life easier.

For further improvements then why not check out our home furnishing, lights and accessories category?  


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Miranda Coombes, mother of 2, passionate about the environment,

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