What Are the Best Eco Friendly Period Products to Buy?

What Are the Best Eco Friendly Period Products to Buy?

27,938 used tampons and applicators are found on the world’s beaches every single day! It’s as crazy as it is unhygienic but we can change that and save money at the same time! Like the idea of saving money on tampons? Then read on to find out more about the increasingly popular menstrual cup and period pants that are not just good for the planet but good for you too!

What is a Menstrual Cup and Where can I buy one?

Menstrual cups are about the same size as a small egg cup which you wear inside you, similar to a tampon that catch the blood when you bleed. You can simply empty the blood, ideally wash it out after you empty it before putting it back in then repeat. It doesn’t contain any of the *chemicals that found in some tampons so could be way, way better for your body. Just as good is it lasts for several years and there is no waste from applicators, sanitary pads or tampons which is great for the environment and saves you taking your bag to the toilet or hiding a tampon up your jumper. Plus it’s perfect for when you want to travel light.

*While the majority of tampons are safe, scientists have found that some synthetic fibres can remain inside the vagina which could be harmful, according to a 2014 Environ Health Perspect report. You should always check with your doctor or pharmacist before trying any new products to ensure they are safe for you as an individual to use. Our advice is based purely on our opinion and is not medical. 

Get great discounts and deals on menstrual cups from the following brands:

Planet Organic sell a good range of menstrual cups including OrganiCup which is made purely of soft, allergy- friendly silicone. OrganiCup is 100% free of bleach, glue, perfume, lotion or indeed anything that doesn’t belong inside your body.  Buy one get one free menstrual cup or spend over £75 and get 15% off Planet Organic.

Lunette is the most widely distributed period cup in the world and the only one with a 100% clean track record in consumer tests. Buy directly from Lunette and save with Lunette voucher codes.

modibodi sell a Lunette menstrual cup. Get a discount on a menstrual cup when you get one of their bundle deals, check Voucher Shares for the latest discount codes from modibodi.

Boots sell Mooncups and Kind menstrual cups. Get an offer on a menstrual cup by using your Boots points.

If you still prefer to use disposable sanitary products then organic tampsons which do not contain potentially harmful pesticides can be purchased from Boots and include big brands like Lil-lets, Tampax DAME and Flo. They also, sell reusable applicators. Remember to use your Boots card to get the best Boots Tampon offers.

What are Period Pants and Where can I buy them?

Period pants are basically leakproof knickers, so you won't need to wear a pad and possibly a tampon for lighter flows. Because they are thicker than normal pants, you can bleed straight into them, and they won't leak through to your clothes especially when worn with a menstrual cup. They are especially useful at night as when worn with a menstrual cup can avoid trips to the toilet.  And you can use them if you suffer from minor incontinence which some women suffer after having a baby.

You can buy period pants from modibodi who were recently voted the #1 period underwear & incontinence underwear brand so they are a brand you can trust. modibodi discount codes are often available and they also offer brilliant bundle deals on eco friendly menstrual products including offers on menstrual cups and pants combined.

We love how they show women how they really are in all shapes, colours and sizes modelling their period pants. Initially established in Australia, they have a huge range of period pants for sale available in loads of different sizes and colours, they also sell period gym wear and swimwear.

They also, offer a free trial on your first purchase so what are you waiting for? See all of modibodis voucher codes, discount codes and offers.  

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